Shorkot Cantonment Board 

Building Control / Survey

1.   The building plan together with front elevations and cross sections shall be drawn of a scale of not less than 8feet to an inch and shall show inter alia the following:-

(a)        The external dimensions of the main building;

             (b)        The ground floor, the first floor, the second floor and the roof;

             (c)        The position of all proposed and existing drains, urinals, latrines, privies, chimneys, fireplaces, kitchens, gutters and down spouts;

             (d)        The position and dimensions of all projections beyond the main walls of the building

             (e)        The thickness and composition of all beams, rafters and all other supports;

             (f)        The dimensions of all rooms and position of doors, windows and ventilators in each room of every storey;

             (g)        The materials to be used in the foundations, walls, floors and roofs;

             (h)        The purpose for which the building is intended to be used;

             (i)         The level and width of the foundations and the level of the ground floor with reference to the level of centre of the street on which the front of the proposed building is to abut;

             (j)         The level of the courtyard and open space;

             (k)        The plan of the boundary wall abutting on a road shall be drawn separately showing the details of foundations, thickness, height, section, elevation and the distance from the centre of the road on which if abuts.

2.         Site coverage – residential – General:-

(1)        Sub-division of the plots shall not be permitted.

(2)        Shops or godawns shall not be allowed.

(3)        Customary home occupation shall be allowed provided there is no external evidence of the same except a small sign, not exceeding 2 sq. ft.

(4)        The maximum built up area allowed for a plot shall conform to the following:-

            (a)        For plots upto 300 sq. yds – 2/3rd of the total area of the plot. The building line shall not be exceeded.

            (b)        For plot from 301 to 600 Sq. yds- not more than half of the total area of the plot; open space in the rear shall not be less than 10’ and on either side not less than 5’ building line shall not be exceeded.

(c)        For plots more than 601 to 1000 sq yds and above-not more than 1/3rd of the total area of the plot, open space in the rear shall not be less than 10’ and on either side not less that 10’. The building line, shall not be exceeded.


Duties of the Building Control Cell are as under:-

  1. Check all buildings are constructing legal or illegal as per building by-laws
  2. Check all buildings are constructing as per approved building plan.
  3. Notices issue to lessee / attorney of building.

Sr No.

Name of Building Checker

Area under Supervision

Name of Incharges / Survey Draughtsman


Muhammad Atif Shabbir LDC

Ward No. 01


2 Muhammad Sakhawat LDC Ward No. 02  
3 Rana Javed Iqbal  Ward No. 03